What is our vision?

The Bucharest Events Center represents our vision for your desired events, a place you can imagine that we can design.

What is our mission?

Our mission is all about the satisfaction and pleasure of our clients.

We are a compound which offers rental space for whichever type of event, ranging from business to entertainment. We aim to rent our center to firms, who wish to plan and organize various events, but also to bigger companies, which could be interested in a location for seminars, conferences and other activities.

The services and benefits we offer are of a great quality, as we are aware that they represent our calling card. We are happy to work so we can offer the best we have to our clients. No matter the number of participants or the budget, we are sure we can achieve great results. We strongly believe that we can make great changes by applying small things.

We show our clients that they can have full trust in our services. When they wish to rent a location for an event, they will know that, by working with us, everything will go according to the plan. All of the objectives of our firm are set so that we can contribute to achieving success on all accounts for our clients.

Which are our team’s values?

  • Teamwork – We place a great value on team spirit and we know that, through unity and commitment to the same goal, we can reach our goal much more efficiently.
  • Communication – It is the bridge between us, those involved in organizing the event and our client, so that we fully understand the concept and ambiance that the client envisioned in order for the event to be successful.
  • Enthusiasm – We have a committed, as well as enthusiastic approach to work and we manage to convey this to our clients. We are open and positive in every situation.
  • Commitment – We collaborate with our clients and partners to find the best solutions. No matter the situation, we commit to our objective and that is to do everything as well as possible.
  • Satisfaction – Our clients’ and partners’ gratitude is very important to us, which is why we endeavor to uphold our commitment to them. For this, we create and maintain a positive and efficient work environment.
  • The pleasure of our work – Part of the satisfaction we feel from our work, apart from the pleasure of working in this field, is the joy of taking part in fulfilling the wishes of our client. His contentment is, of course, a source of satisfaction for us. For this reason, we can guarantee that we will do all that it takes to offer you what you wish.
  • Competitiveness– Ever since the beginning, Bucharest Events Center aimed to be the first option on the event market on a national scale.
  • Gratitude – We have always thanked those who trusted us and we showed our gratitude through satisfactory services, to prove ourselves worthy of the trust our clients placed in us.

The benefits we offer our partners and clients are of a great variety. As you can see, our compound is located near the forest on an area of 2 ha. Regardless of the type of event, the clients can enjoy:

Privacy for the guests or employees

Sufficient space and comfort for different activities

A walk in the woods

Fishing – at just 15 minutes away

Space for outdoor activities

Spacious rooms for seminars and conferences, adaptable to the planned number of participants

Accommodations inside the compound

Our own kitchen and dining area

Parking spaces

A room for indoor activities for children

Café bar

Personnel and quality services


We know that flexibility, reliability, professionalism and punctuality are 4 key elements for organizing a faultless and memorable event and that is why we guarantee the following:

A. In the unlikely event of a power outage, our center has a generator and professional spare devices, to partially ensure the necessary power.

B. We collaborate constantly with your designated representative for the unfolding of the event and to ensure that we understood exactly what your expectations are. We we will be consulting concerning the arrangement and preparation of the spaces and facilities and we will be taking into consideration the specified details.

Bucharest Events Center

Str. Frasinului nr. 1, Țegheș-Domnești, România


You exit Bucharest on Prelungirea Ghencea Street, you pass the Domnești Barrier and you cross the Bucharest Beltway – you continue on Tudor Vladimirescu Road – you take a right turn and go on Alexandru Ioan Cuza Road – you take a left turn and go on Curtea Domnească Road – you enter the Țegheș Village – you take a right turn on Căminului Street, from which point you go straight forward, alongside the forrest, till you reach your destination – Frasinului Street, Bucharest Events Center.


Maxi-Taxi – Bucharest-Țegheș
The price of a ticket for an outbound / return journey is 9 lei / 2 €. The stop is at Căminului Street in the Țegheș village. Link here.

Bus – Bucharest
The price of a ticket for an outbound / return journey is 3 lei / 0.62 €.
The bus no. R423 leaves Ghencea and you must go 30 stops till the TRANSILVANIEI stop (the second-to-last stop). Then, go back 100 m and go on Căminului street, walk all the way and you will reach Frasinului street. Link aici.

The distance from the Henri Coandă International Airport to Bucharest Events Center is of 34 km and takes approximately 35-45 minutes.
The price of a cab is about 100-150 lei / 20 € – 35 € (it can be ordered from the vending machines in the airport or through the CleverTaxi app).
Or use UBER, with the price of 100 lei – 150 lei / 20 € – 35 € (through the UBER app).

Piața Unirii – Bucharest downtown
The Bucharest Events Center is 21 km away from Piața Unirii.
The price of a cab is between 55 to 70 lei/ 12 € – 15 € (the CleverTaxi app).
Or use UBER, with a price ranging between 55 lei to 70 lei / 12 € – 15 € (through the UBER app).